Divorce and Dissolution of Marriage

Divorce is an intense moment in your life. The one you loved and trusted is no longer on your side and you may be feeling frustrated, distraught and lost. My goal is give you my trust and honesty to create the best outcome for you (and your children).

I handle all aspects of a Legal Separation proceeding including equitable distribution of marital assets and debts, uncontested divorce, alimony and child support, child custody & time sharing and family law attorney’s fees. I offer my services at Sarasota, Bradenton and Venice in Florida.

Complex situations require expert resources. I will utilize my network of various forensic experts such as accountants and computer professionals if necessary. My network of associate also includes psychologists, psychiatrists, and vocational experts

My close work with forensic accountants to value closely held businesses, evaluate cash flow, trace flow of money to establish (or disestablish) co-mingling will guarantee equitable distribution.

Alimony: although the alimony statute has come under attack in recent years, the following forms of alimony are still available: temporary, permanent, durational, lump-sum, rehabilitative, and bridge-the-gap